Tsz Yan Ng joined the A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning at the University of Michigan in 2007 as the Walter S. Sanders Fellow. Prior to coming to Michigan, she taught at both the undergraduate and graduate level at McGill University and the State University of New York at Buffalo where she was the Reyner Banham Fellow in 2001-2002. She is the principal of an independent design practice Tsz Yan Ng Architecture|Design since 2004. The studio focuses on experimental design/research for architectural commissions, competitions, and installations.

Recent commissions include work for the NY fashion label Lafayette 148, for their global headquarters/manufacturing facility in Shantou, China and their retail shops in N. America and China (in collaboration with Mehrdad Hadighi). She has received awards and recognitions for her creative work in architectural competitions and installations. Recent installations and design work have been exhibited in Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Ithaca, Montréal, Buffalo, and NYC.

Her design work, research, and teaching are closely related in that they probe the questions of perception in architectural production by exposing the artifice of social, cultural, and political construction.

The Spratly Fatigue

Juried group exhibition entitled Looking Both Ways, University Gallery
Eastern Michigan University Gallery, Ypsilanti, MI
September-October 2011

An Installation for an exhibition coinciding with the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Using the disputed territories of the Spratly Islands as a point of departure, the project highlights the interdependence that both large and small countries must observe in this age of economic, political, and military entanglement. The military uniform’s camouflage pattern is constructed from satellite views of the islands. The fatigue, which incidentally is not all that different than typical fishing gear, hinges the specific characters of the Spratly Islands as both fisheries and military outposts.

The paper military fatigue is tethered in the ‘prone position,’ with red monofilaments reeled from the fishing rod on one hand and an AK-47 on the other. A red laser from the AK-47 aims directly at the gallery entrance, intended to incite discomfort to parallel the unpredictable tension as each country in this region points their guns toward each other. This is the 3rd of the series of folded paper clothing production.

Year: 2011 Location: US Type: Installation Scale: Medium